INFOGRAPHIC - 5 Reasons These Are The #1 Hangers In Kickstarter History

Higher Hangers Photo

Drew Cleaver HeadshotMarch 13, 2016
By Drew Cleaver, Higher Hangers Inventor

We made Kickstarter history, and I almost missed it. Someone pointed this out to me over the weekend: Higher Hangers have raised more money than any other clothes hangers in Kickstarter history. Not only that, but we’ve raised more money than all the others combined.

There have been many attempts over the years to launch a new hanger design on Kickstarter, and I have have a few theories why products like this face an uphill battle. Most fizzle out and die, but thanks to you we’ve made Higher Hangers a huge success.

In fact, we broke the record within 48 hours of launching on Kickstarter. Bucking the trend like this doesn’t happen often, so I thought about what makes Higher Hangers different from all the rest. This infographic is what I came up with: