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March 2016 - Higher Hangers 1.0 Successfully Funded on
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Percent funded of our $40,000 goal, nearly quadrupling our target.


Dollars raised in only 32 days, in the top 1% of all projects in Kickstarter history.


Units backed, one of the highest volume Kickstarter products, ever.


Enthusiastic Kickstarter backers excited to create new space in their closets.

Why Higher Hangers?

Higher Hangers® were invented out of necessity in a freshman dorm room after realizing classic hangers waste closet space because the "neck" of the hook is longer than necessary (and has been since they were invented in the 1860s). 

Higher Hangers® are the first to optimize the use of space with a modern-engineered design that raises the shoulder bars of a hanger up, higher, which pulls your garments up  & off the floor or shelves. 

If you're not using Higher Hangers®, you're wasting priceless closet space.  


Comparison of Space Saving Higher Hangers to traditional hangers

The space saving, short neck design of Higher Hangers can create new space in your closet.

Higher Hangers Are Perfect For:

Creating Extra Space

An average master closet has over 10 cubic feet of wasted space due to classic hangers. With Higher Hangers, you could create enough space to fit 48 shoeboxes. (calculate your closet here).

Reducing Clutter & Stress

Hang your clothes wrinkle-free, see your shoes, find what you need, & get out of the door quickly without stress.

Keeping your clothes clean

Get your clothes off the floor and away from shoes or other accessories.

Reducing wrinkles

Nobody likes wrinkles, that’s why you hang your clothes. Keep your clothes from wrinkling up on the bottom by using Higher Hangers.

Establishing peace

An organized environment is fundamental to a peaceful life. Make your closet a calming space. You use it everyday and often in a hurry.

Arriving Relaxed

Life’s too short to show up flustered. Wouldn’t it be nice to show up to work, a hot date, or just a night out comfortable, confident, and content?

Four Styles of Higher Hangers

Space Saving Higher Hangers - Velvet Slimline

Classic Plastic

Extra strong rendition of classic tubular plastic hangers weighing in about 50% more than cheap big-box store hangers. These are the most popular style of hangers worldwide, only improved by utilizing Higher Hangers’ space-saving design.

Space Saving Higher Hangers - Velvet Slimline

Velvet Nonslip

Velvet-coated slimline Higher Hangers are perfect for garments that slip off typical hangers like dresses, strappy shirts, pants and skirts. Slim profile saves lateral space that allows more hangers per row, sometimes doubling or trippling your hanging space.

Space Saving Higher Hangers - Velvet Slimline

Plastic Slimline

No velvet coating makes for a more slippery, traditional surface great for collared clothing, t-shirts & more. Slim profile allows more hangers per row of clothes, sometimes doubling or trippling your hanging space! Great for RVs.

Space Saving Higher Hangers - HDF Wood

Heavy-Duty HDF

Available only @ Container Store. HDF Higher Hangers provide a clean look & a thick hanging surface for more shoulder support. They’ll handle your heaviest coats & garments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your shipping & return policy?

Orders typically ship out the next business day and returns are allowed up to 30 days after delivery. You will receive tracking info as soon as it’s available. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason within 30 days of delivery, you can fill out this form (click here) to request a return and we will send a Return Merchandise Authorization shipping label for receiving efficiency. When we receive your products, we will issue a 100% refund for your original purchase. (We have a return rate lower than average for e-commerce)

See our full return policy, including for those outside the US 48, by clicking here.

How do Higher Hangers work?

Traditionally, closets have been designed around the dimensions of hangers & garments. Higher Hangers are the first hangers ever to be designed around optimally efficient closet geometry. Higher Hangers have a short neck design that raises clothes up higher, reducing clutter & wrinkles & increases availabe storage space.

What are they made of?

Higher Hangers are available in 3 premium styles. Slimline Velvet (non-slip), Slippery Black Plastic Slimline (same mold, without the velvet flocking), both injection molded plastic with chrome metal hooks.

Higher Hangers 2.0 are a 1-piece design in clean, classic white plastic. All products are stronger than most comparable big-box offerings as we opted for quality and longevity over making them cheap. 

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Collared Shirt on Short Neck Higher Hangers

Yes, Higher Hangers work with collared shirts. The 2.0 design offers the most clearance.

NBC 9News runs a segment on Higher Hangers for Tech Tuesday.

Calculate Your Space Savings

Space-Savings Calculator

How many feet of clothes rods are in your closet? Don't forget to multiply by two if you have two rows. (The average two-person closet has 16 feet of hanging space)

Click here for an explanation of the math behind the calculator.

Animation of how much space is saved using short neck Higher Hangers

Look at how much new space is created compared to traditional hangers (early prototypes shown on right).

People Love Higher Hangers

Sam Brown image

“When I first discovered Higher Hangers I thought to myself, "Why on earth would anyone buy hangers with the old design?" It's a logical product that offers a quick solution to maximizing closet space. In NYC, where my clients' closets are typically very tight, this is a great product for them to increase shoe storage - something all women want!”

Samantha Brown, Professional Stylist,
Elizabeth image

“As a women's clothing and accessories boutique owner, I'm always searching for hangers that won't damage clothing. Not only are Higher Hangers space-saving, the gentle shoulder design eliminates damage to lightweight knits, sweaters, and cotton garments. I'm now a Higher Hangers customer and will be recommending all of my customers to make the switch.”

Elizabeth, Boutique Owner,
Baylie Carlson image

“We cram two adults, a baby, and a toddler in to a 204 sqft Tiny House! When it comes to space, we think in inches rather than feet, and every single inch matters! Higher Hangers has changed my closet! With the added space we are able to fit more in our teeny tiny closet! I will be forever grateful to Higher Hangers for the added space that we didn't know wasn't there! This design will become the new normal, I'm sure of it.”

Baylie Carlson,
Samantha image

“As a professional organizer, space planning is a large part of my business. Clients hire me not only to organize, but also to make the most of the space available to them. I can't believe something as simple as Higher Hangers’ design could help me provide more useable space in a closet. Here in San Francisco, closet space is at a premium. Higher Hangers give me the ability to organize and create more space for shelving or shoe storage."

Samantha, Professional Organizer,

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Higher Hangers Timeline

  • 3D Pinted Prototype Short Neck Higher Hangers


    Design and Prototyping

    We spent most of 2015 nailing down the design of Higher Hangers. The goal was to raise the hanger as high as possible, work with any style of clothing, and make it easy to put on and take off of a closet rod. Multiple 3D prototypes were made for testing.

  • January 2016

    Production Quality Samples

    Once the design was perfected, we ordered 5,000 samples of Higher Hangers to verify the manufacturing quality, use for reviews and promotions, and as a reward to a limited number of Kickstarter backers.

  • March 2016

    $148,885 Raised on Kickstarter

    With a goal of $40,000, we raised nearly $150,000 for the first production run of Higher Hangers. Over 110,000 Higher Hangers were pre-ordered, making Higher Hangers one of the highest volume Kickstarter campaigns, ever.

  • April 23, 2016

    First Higher Hangers Shipped

    The first 50 Super Early Bird backers on Kickstarter were rewarded with a quick turnaround on their Higher Hangers. Just 23 days after the Kickstarter campaign closed, the product was shipped (if not for some box design and shipping fiascos it would have been even sooner).

  • May 2016


    May was spent manufacturing over 100,000 Higher Hangers to fulfill the pre-orders from Kickstarter and our website.

  • July 2016

    Over 100,000 Higher Hangers Shipped

    We have shipped out over 100,000 Higher Hangers to fulfill Kickstarter rewards and website pre-orders.

  • July 2016

    Now Accepting International Orders

    Higher Hangers can now be shipped worldwide.

  • Spring 2017

    Higher Hangers 2.0 Designed

    We spent a few months redesigning Higher Hangers from the ground up. After making a few 3D print models, the final design was perfected.